About Us

Our farm is spread over 250 hectares of land and woods overlooking the valley of the river Ombrone.

The agritourism activity was started in the early 90s by the Querci della Rovere family, inside Villa Bellaria, where the farm was originally located.

Villa Bellaria is located in the medieval village of Campagnatico and is surrounded by a garden of over 4 hectares. The original part of the Villa dates back to the 18th century.

Our Story

At the beginning of 1900, Arturo Galli, Professor of Veterinary at the University of Pisa and ancestor of the current owners, entrusted the task of designing an Italian garden park to a young Florentine architect, Pietro Porcinai.

The park of Villa Bellaria was one of the first projects of the man who later became the greatest Italian landscape architect of the twentieth century.

Professor Galli's passion for animals led him to breed a genealogy of Russian greyhounds ("borzoi").

That passion is still witnessed by the numerous tombstones that recall his beloved dogs.

Today as yesterday, at Villa Bellaria, pets are welcome!